What’s happening to SCO?

‘Tommy’ writes:

These three links are one (unknown) stock holder’s opinions
(quite astutely observed) on what’s happening to SCO. (They’re
getting their collective butts whupped!) I have seen unixware 7 and
it’s actually pretty good, for intel based proprietary ‘nix. It’s
very solid and installs easily. SCO can’t sell, though, and neither
can their new “partner” IBM. Herein lies their problem. Part of
this, I think, is due to Linux kicking SCO’s behind. SCO will be
killed by linux far more quickly than Microsoft will even notice
losing the first percent of market share.

I would hope that SCO, for it’s own good, learn some marketing
and get out and sell some Unixware and Tarantella. I have yet to
see people lining up outside our doors to buy it, though.