Wine Staging 2.8 Improves Support for Star Wars: The Old Republic, StarCraft

Based on last week’s Wine 2.8 release, Wine Staging 2.8 is here with various improvements of its own, including a new mechanism for updating shared data time fields, which is required by various games like Star Wars: The Old Republic or by the Go programming language, as well as the ability to generate more functional 32-bit fake DLLs, which are used in the application as placeholders inside of Wine prefixes. Another interesting thing implemented in the Wine Staging 2.8 release is a basic ACL viewer, which promises to allow users to view the Windows access control list (ACL) directly in the Security tab of the File Properties dialog. This could be useful when debugging issues related to access permissions. Wine Staging 2.8 also improves support for the first StarCraft game, which should now work properly when using the default Windows 7 prefix.