World’s First True Linux 2in1 Tablet

Good morning,

My name is Jon Thomas and I am a Brand Ambassador/Tester representing MJ Technology LLC, a technology development company located in Kansas City, Missouri, here in the United States of America.

Our company is bringing the first fully functioning x86-based Linux tablet design, our “Warrior” tablet series, to the world market in the coming months. Our goal for our tablets is to help redefine how people can utilize mobile computing devices, and how they view the Linux operating system in general, as an important tool to be used daily.

Presently the Warrior tablet design is in the final hardware driver tuning stages, optimizing the code for our various tablet configurations. Our initial testing and development has been done with Ubuntu Unity releases, beginning with 14.04 LTS a little over a year ago. The final testing has been performed with Ubuntu Unity 16.04 LTS.

We are currently in tallks with OpenSUSE to use OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 also. A big field we see not being taken advantage of is Education and to that end we plan to make a distribution of several Linux educational distributions such as OpenSUSE Education.

After some recent discussions among the lead developers, it was decided to evaluate additional Linux distributions as possible additional installation candidates. In doing so, we are choosing Linux distributions that we think would best serve our potential customer base.

Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS has shown good performance overall with the tablet hardware. Elementary OS has some very good features with their Pantheon desktop environment that we think will make it a valued addition to the mobile device world.

We are also looking at Linux Mint, Kali Linux, and possibly x-86-based Android 6.0 for an optional dual-boot configuration. We plan on supporting the selected distributions as long as they are updated from upstream, as we see these tablets being utilized for quite a few years, and we believe in supporting our customers over the long term.

In addition to Linux and Android as OS options, we plan to offer Windows 10 Home or Professional, pre-installed and activated due to licensing requirements, in an effort to satisfy users that need to also support the Windows corporate world, using the Warrior tablet as a portable system administration machine.

Enclosed below are links to our company website, and company Facebook page. On the Facebook page, you can view our development photos and progress videos as we have been working on our tablet design:





The last link is our IndieGoGo page. As a small company, tooling startup costs are one of the biggest expenses in a project like this, and the IndieGoGo page will help us defray some of those costs.

You can see from our website that the Linux “Warrior” tablet is our second tablet design. Our first tablet design, the MJ7HDTV Android tablet, has a built-in HDTV tuner in the tablet. This shows our company and development team does have the experience in designing and building a mobile device.
Here are links showin MJ7HDTV in action and advertisement:


I am sending this email to you since you are one the leading commentators in the Technology reporting world, and I hope to peak your interest enough to possibly do an article or review of our tablet design.

Please feel free to contact me at : Jon.Thomas@MJ-Technology.com
or CEO Mark Jun at : Mark@MJ-Technology.com


Jon Thomas