ZDNet: Ballmer sounds alarm to MS managers

“If you thought Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer was likely to be
little more than a rubber-stamp president, think again.

Ballmer is doing a lot more inside Microsoft than pounding
tables and penning speeches. In fact, it’s Ballmer — and not CEO
Bill Gates — who is sounding the alarm about what’s wrong at the
company. And the list of troubles ailing Microsoft may be more
serious than even those closest to the company ever thought.”

“Besides striving to get back in touch with the company’s
customers, Ballmer discussed strategies for revitalizing
Microsoft’s planning, prioritizing, engineering and leadership

The discussion was a wake-up call for Microsoft’s managers, who
are racing to get new products out the door, and struggling to
somehow manage a swelling workforce.”

‘We’re at a very important point for the company’s long-term
health and viability,’ Ballmer told the 50 or so managers in
attendance. ‘If we don’t do the right thing, we just won’t be in a
great place three to four years from now.'”


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