32BitsOnline: EFF Waiting On DVD-CCA Injunction Ruling

Following more than three hours of arguments in a Santa
Clara, Calif. Superior Court late Tuesday, the Electronic Frontier
Foundation (EFF) is awaiting a ruling in a controversial First
Amendment case involving digital video disc (DVD)

“While there was some hope on the part of the EFF that a ruling
would be handed down immediately, “the Judge said even before
arguments were made that they warrant a review,” EFF spokesperson
Tom McGuire told Newsbytes today….”

“In its brief filed against the DVD-CCA complaint, the EFF wrote
“In this case, (the) plaintiff seeks an injunction of unprecedented
breadth and intrusiveness on traditional free speech rights in
order to defend a supposed trade secret that was never very secret
at all. (The) plaintiff seeks prior restraint against hundreds of
news sources on the Internet, claiming the right to enjoin
discussion of their Content Scrambling System (CSS). That
discussion centered on the results of efforts to break the weak
security structures on which the CSS depends.”

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