32BitsOnline: In Microsoft We Trust

“Why would an engineer at the M$ campus fess up to a backdoor
that didn’t exist? Maybe Spin Control was out on a pub crawl in
Port Townsend, or trout fishing near Sequim, and the only one left
to answer questions was the guy cleaning the telephone

“Could be the engineer with the loose lips misunderstood the
question. Maybe he thought the reporters were talking about a
different .dll. It could be that backdoors exist in M$ products,
just not in that particular .dll. He sure was cavalier about
admitting that one existed, even if it didn’t. Maybe M$ engineers
don’t know squat about what some of those .dll’s actually DO. In
light of the rumor that no single individual employed at M$
understands exactly how the Registry works, this makes a perverse
kind of sense….”

Why not force M$ to use their products for everything they
do? Simply disallow the monopolists from using any other OS for any
computing tasks they currently perform. Send Hotmail to Win2K,
Make them move all the CDROM duplication off of
UNIX machines and onto that lean and mean Win2K.”

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