Australian Reseller News: Embrace Linux now or miss the boat

“Developing an intricate knowledge and understanding of
Linux is the only way resellers will be able to make money out of
the open-source operating system… For those who do cultivate
familiarity, the rewards are expected to be significant.”

“Speaking at a Linux press gathering hosted by high-end hardware
vendor Silicon Graphics (SGI), Graham Penn, general manager of
research at IDC Australia, warned that resellers risk missing the
boat if they aren’t already actively evaluating its potential. ‘Go
and learn Linux now,’ Penn said of the opportunity for resellers.
‘Evaluate it. Get some expertise on how and where it applies. If it
fits, use it now but you need the expertise to evaluate
that.’ “

“If they don’t know how to support it and add value there is no
need for a channel to even exist with an open-source system. ‘There
is a role for the channel if they can find a way to add value —
and charge for it, of course.’ “

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