BBC News: Microsoft locks out [some] viruses

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“As yet Microsoft has no plans to release a patch for
Outlook Express
– a cut down version of the program that is
often included on cover discs given away with many computer

“It will also warn a user when a program is trying to access
their address book or send email on their behalf. This tactic was
used by the Love Bug to spread itself around the world. The third
change made by the patch switches the default internet security
setting in Outlook from “trusted” to “restricted”. This disables
the automatic scripting and ActiveX Controls that the Love Bug

“Microsoft was keen to point out that it was only limiting the
functions within Outlook not closing a security hole. … “It’s a
rare occasion of Microsoft reducing functions to help defeat
viruses,” said Graham Cluley, a spokesman for anti-virus company
Sophos, “It is surprising but it is good news.”

“The patch will still allow many common types of email
attachments to pass unchallenged. Attachments given a “.doc”,
“.htm”, “.jpg” and “.mp3” and many others will not be stopped. This
may mean that some types of malicious programs such as the
Melissa word macro virus continue to proliferate.
Mr Cluley
said that Word macro viruses are still the most common type of
malicious programs.”

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