BW: Network ICE Releases Open-source Carnivore

“Network ICE is disclosing the source code to a new e-mail
sniffing program called “Altivore.” This software provides a
potential alternative to ISPs who do not want to install the FBI’s
secretive black-box known as “Carnivore.” Altivore will allow
ISPs to respond to court ordered e-mail surveillance without FBI
help, thus allowing them to be self-regulated instead of government

“The controversy surrounding Carnivore comes from the mystery of
its internal operations,” says Robert Graham, CTO of Network ICE.
“We are disclosing the full details of our program to allow
auditing by the security community.”

“Altivore is based upon concepts similar to Network ICE’s
award-winning intrusion detection technology with stateful packet
decoding. This allows more accurate data collection that avoids
many of the controversial technical concerns surrounding

Press Release

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