BW: Showstar WebMail Launches on Artstar.Com

“Showstar Online.com, Inc. today announced the introduction of
its first portal development product Showstar Webmail. Showstar
WebMail 1.0 was designed as a sophisticated software solution for
web portals and is now available in a customized form for online
users on the company’s premier art mega-site Artstar.com.”

“‘This ground-breaking product is another step in Showstar’s
aggressive application technology strategy,’ said Showstar
Online.com President John Punzo. ‘It is the first product from
our portal solution development team, and the first in a series of
Linux based products we have in development.’
With the
flexibility of Linux servers and security of SSL encryption,
Showstar WebMail is a robust and formidable product. Behind the
scenes, it has comprehensive administration functionality allowing
fast and efficient system support and customer service.”

“‘We are excited to offer this innovative Internet software
technology. This is a highly scalable and reliable solution which
can easily evolve with market requirements and customer growth,’
said John Barson, Showstar Online.com’s VP E-Commerce and Technical
Officer. ‘This product is the first in our line of proprietary
Linux based web software developed to meet the need for
high-quality, affordable e-business solutions.'”

Press release