Byte.com: Prepping A SOHO IP Network To Connect To The Net

Over the past six months, I have described how to build
your own Linux gateway so you can link your home or office network
to the Internet. This month, I have prepared another distribution
diskette (that you can download from my Web server). I have added a
Client DHCP daemon for cable and DSL modems, a Web Server (thttpd),
and a professional FTP server (proftpd).
One of the most
consistent problems reported to me by readers is, in order for the
gateway to be of some use, there needs to be a local network to
connect it to. So first, let us look at just how you configure a
simple SOHO network so it can be coupled to the Internet with the
Linux gateway.”

“What Is A SOHO Network?SOHO has become commonly used as the
acronym for Small Office Home Office, the catch-all term used by
salesmen to discriminate SOHO products from those intended for the
“Fortune 500” or “Fortune 100″ corporate marketplaces. It is not a
term I particularly like, but we are stuck with it.”

“Configuring a TCP/IP SOHO network initially seems quite
confusing. You will have to decide on an IP address to use for each
computer, a Netmask, DNS servers, and a lot of other Internet
nomenclature. But it is really not too difficult. The Internet
infrastructure is logical and well documented. Once the concepts
start falling into place, the pace at which you learn will
accelerate exponentially.”