CNET News.com: Hollywood studios allege DVD piracy in suit

“Eight major movie production studios, including Disney and
Paramount Pictures, have asked a federal judge to stop three New
Yorkers from distributing software that allows bootleggers to copy
DVD film disks.”

“In a suit filed today in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, the
studios charged the defendants have posted the software on their
Web site along with messages encouraging DVD copying. The copying
program, DeCSS, unscrambles a security code on DVDs that is
supposed to prevent their duplication, said Richard Taylor, a
spokesman for the Motion Picture Association of America….”

“The studios say the new technology enables unauthorized film
copies to be transmitted over the Internet, stored in computer
memories, and duplicated for sale and exchange. “Once these
copies are in the hands of another user, the unlawful process can
begin once again because the copies have the clarity and quality of
the original DVDs,” the complaint says.

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