CNET News.com: Security software firm Tripwire plans Linux push

“Security software maker Tripwire will unveil a major expansion
into new types of computing products, especially those running on
the Linux operating system….”

“Linux is another growth opportunity for Tripwire, he said.
Sellers of Linux software are sensitive about the perception that
Linux is a good target for computer intrusions. “There is a fear
that the perception of this vulnerability could impede their
marketplace,” Starnes said….”

The security problem with Linux, and with Unix in general,
is that it is designed to be controlled over the network, Levy
said. Windows NT, which “ships with very (few) applications that
you can use remotely,” hasn’t been as subject to this problem
though the arrival of more remote administration tools and software
such as Back Orifice are changing that situation as well, Levy