ComputerWorld: ‘July Killer’ virus may hit Thursday

Another Microsoft Word macro virus; this one has the
potential to erase a user’s C: drive

“A computer virus dubbed July Killer is expected to strike July
1. Active only during July, it will infect Microsoft Corp.’s Word
97 documents via a Visual Basic macro, according to antivirus

“During July, users who open an infected Word document will see
a dialog box entitled ‘A wake up call for the generation.’ If the
user clicks the OK button, a message will appear that says, ‘You
are wise, please choose this again later. Congratulations.’ “

“If the user chooses the ‘cancel’ button three times… The
virus will then open the autoexec.bat file and add the command line
‘deltree/y c:’ to the file. The next time the user boots the
machine, all files in the hard disk will be deleted…”

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