ComputerWorld: Maryland’s UCITA May Have National Reach

“In less than a month, the controversial software licensing
measure UCITA will become law for the first time, in Maryland. And
it’s an event with potential national implications for all end-user

“After Oct. 1, when Maryland’s law takes effect, if information
managers aren’t paying attention to the fine print when they buy
shrink-wrapped software or click “I accept” for online agreements,
they may be committing their companies to contract terms based on
Maryland’s version of the Uniform Computer Information Transaction
Act (UCITA)….”

But vendors can still cite Maryland law as their “choice of
law” in a licensing contract, no matter where the vendor and
licensee are located
, said Jean Braucher, a University of
Arizona law professor in Tucson and critic of the measure. “The
key point is, you don’t need any connection with Maryland, at least
under UCITA
,” she said.”

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