Crackers Deface Community Sites

The Register: Political Hackers Deface Novell SUSE Sites

“Three Novell OpenSUSE community web site were defaced on Sunday
by politically motivated hackers. Defacement archive Zone-H reports
that a group called IHS Iran Hackers Sabotage broke into
OpenSUSE.org, wiki.novell.com and forge.novell.com to post a
message stating that it was Iran’s right to develop nuclear power.
All three sites were defaced in the same way…”


Help-Net Security: SpreadFirefox.com Community Website Hacked
Once Again

“This is an excerpt from the e-mail that was sent to members of
spreadfirefox.com this morning:

“‘The Spread Firefox Team became aware this week that the server
hosting Spread Firefox, our community marketing site, has been
accessed by unknown remote attackers who attempted to exploit a
security vulnerability in TWiki software installed on the server.
The TWiki software was disabled as soon as we were aware of the
attempts to access SpreadFirefox.com. This exploit was limited to
SpreadFirefox.com and did not affect mozilla.org web sites or
Mozilla software…'”