CRN: Security Firm Outlines Hacker Attack Points

“Companies might take the right steps to secure within their own
walls but forget about holes in their partners’ systems or even
their employees working remotely. “We’ve got to let our partners
into our network but only so far and make sure our partners are
secure,” said Scott Taylor, vice president of e-security services
for Enstar.”

“The most common security breaches come from the
, Joerg said. Often employees do not know they have
become unwitting accomplices.”

“”People are going to cable modems so they are online 24 hours a
day,” Taylor said. “If I’m your neighbor, I can very easily hack
through and gain access through you. I’m probably not trying to
hack into your company, but I can do a denial-of-service to ETrade.
If ETrade sues it won’t be the hacker.””

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