Federal Computer Week: NSA grapples with Linux security

“The National Security Agency, the super-secret arm of the
Defense Department responsible for signals intelligence and
information systems security, last week tapped Secure Computing
Corp. to develop a secure version of the Linux operating

“NSA’s contract with Secure Computing calls for the company to
apply its patented Type Enforcement technology and develop a
robust, highly secure Linux platform. The award furthers efforts by
Secure Computing to pursue and acquire contracts that focus on
providing enabling technologies to both the federal government
infrastructure as well as commercial electronic business
applications. Secure Computing’s Type Enforcement technology was
first developed under previous government contracts to support Unix
for Secure Computing’s Sidewinder firewall.”

” ‘Our Advanced Technology Division achieves almost 100 percent
of their revenue from government contracts,’ a company spokesperson
said. ‘We undertook this work because we recognized the need for
our products to be available on a secure version Linux. This is a
win for both our customer, the NSA and for ourselves, allowing us
to leverage the NSA work to provide a foundation for future product
directions.’ “