Focus on Linux: Six Lies About Linux

The lies printed by the press:

1. Linux is a fringe operating system.
2. Linux is unstable.
3. Linux doesn’t support most devices, including SCSI, SMP, and
– OR –
3. The impending release of the version 2.2 Linux kernel will add
support for SCSI, SMP, and sound.
4. With the development of KDE and GNOME, Linux finally has a
graphical user interface, or “windowing system” for
graphics-and-mouse use.
5. There is little software for Linux.
– OR –
5. With the recent release of Oracle for Linux, Corel WordPerfect
for Linux, and Netscape’s Communicator for Linux, there is finally
some software for Linux.
6. Linux is a security problem.

The answers to these lies are available at the excellent story
linked to below.