Google Patches 39 Android Vulnerabilities in April Update

Another month and Google is once again patching its libstagefright (Stagefright) media library in Android. Google’s April patch update for Android was officially announced on April 4, providing 39 security patches, 15 of which are rated by Google as being critical. Among the critical patches is CVE-2016-0842, which is a remote code execution vulnerability in Stagefright.

Flaws in the Android Stagefright media library were first publicly announced in July 2015 by Zimperium zLabs Vice President of Platform Research and Exploitation Joshua Drake.  In fact, the Stagefright flaw disclosure was the incident that inspired Google in August 2015 to begin a monthly patch update cycle. Somewhat ironically, in nearly every Android monthly update that Google has released, the company has patched one or more Stagefright flaw, including in last month’s update.