InfoWorld: OpenBSD comes close to security nirvana with a system that is ‘secure by default’

“WELL KNOWN FOR its “secure by default” posture, OpenBSD
(www.openbsd.org), the Internet-based volunteer effort, recently
announced the inclusion and support of Versions 1.3 and 1.5 of
Secure Shell (SSH) client and server in OpenBSD Version 2.6, which
is due to appear in early December. But including security-related
products in the operating system is nothing new for OpenBSD. The
product also includes integrated cryptography and virtual private
networking technologies such as Blowfish, MD5, SHA-1, IPSec, and
S/Key. Because of this it has been accepted as the de facto
secure-operating system….”

Our aspiration is to be number one in the industry for
,” de Raadt says.”

“And they have backed up this claim. OpenBSD has avoided a
successful remote root attack on the operating system for more than
two years. That success has outperformed any other operating system
on the market. De Raadt has become an expert on securing code, and
has done much to ensure that OpenBSD code is written securely and
holes are discovered quickly.”

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