internetnews.com: Microsoft’s Loss Not Linux’s Gain

[ Thanks to Jason
for this link. ]

“There’s a lot of glee in Linuxville right now, and Microsoft’s
name is mud in some circles. But the Linux community’s reports of
its death are premature.

“While Microsoft took heavy hits last week with the revelation
if another major security hole and source code on the loose, the
idea that so much bad press on Microsoft security will make
enterprise IT departments get serious about moving to Linux doesn’t
fly with Enderle Group analyst Rob Enderle. He called the gloating
by some Linux enthusiasts about the source code being exposed to
exploitation ‘the pot calling the kettle black. If this exposes
Microsoft, Linux is so much more exposed.’

“Although Microsoft has had to admit to hole after hole in its
products, this particular source code disaster doesn’t reflect on
the security of the code, he said. If a partner was the source of
the leak, faulty security procedures are to blame, not faulty


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