Linux.com: A Guide to Named

DNS, the domain naming service, is what computers use to
translate domain names, such as linux.com, to an IP address, such
as In Linux, the name server is called ‘named’,
runs in the background and is usually started when the computer is
turned on.
Named is part of the Berkeley Internet Naming
Daemon, ‘bind’, a collection of tools to resolve domain names.”

“In order for named to work correctly, it needs to read the file
/etc/named.conf and determine where to get certain information
from. The first section in the file is the options section, which
indicates any options that named should use. This is where you tell
named the directory where files it needs are. The next sections are
to tell named when to use which file. These are defined in

“To continue to use your name server, you will occasionally have
to update your root.hints file. You can do this by querying other
name servers with the command ‘dig’ as we did above.”