Linux Journal: Tripwire Opens Up “Best of Breed” Security Tool

“Security tools maker Tripwire has announced that its flagship
product, Tripwire, would be fully open sourced during the third
quarter (July, August, September) of 2000. The announcement also
included Tripwire, Inc.’s plan to host what they are calling the
Tripwire Open Source Project on VA Linux Systems’ SourceForge open
source development web site, and partnership agreements with
Caldera Systems, SGI and Red Hat.”

“In many ways, Tripwire, Inc.’s open sourcing of its Tripwire
product is a return to its roots. With origins in academia and the
fact that the source code for Tripwire’s Academic Source Release
(ASR) has been widely available since 1992, Tripwire’s move to open
source its “significantly enhanced commercial version” is perhaps
less dramatic than similar moves by other companies. But one of
the especially significant aspects of the Tripwire announcement is
that the company is providing source code for its flagship product,
as opposed to merely open sourcing older versions
of outmoded
or even virtually obsolete software.”