Linuxguru.net: WINE: A New Place for KLEZ to Play

“The WINE project is becoming increasingly popular and useful to
those who would continue to use proprietary, free, and unported
opensource software available only for Microsoft Windows. I’ve
tested it with a few games I had purchased while I still used
Windows, and it surprised me. The WINE project, and the two popular
forks in the project, WineX, and Codeweavers WINE, have come along
quite nicely, albeit it slowly, over the last few years. I give a
lot of credit to the many developers that have poured a lot of
their time into the project, but, with the good, the bad must be

“Recently a friend of mine, proficient in Linux, and not what
you would call a ‘newbie’ to computing, received an email from a
customer. The email was vague and included an attachment. In KMail,
he decided to view the attachment, thinking it was simply an image.
He clicks it, nothing happens, no viewer, no error, nothing but a
few seconds of milling around, and then more nothing. Then, the
wine notification pops up. By this time he had realized the file
was a Windows executable, and that he’d just executed it with wine
because of the MIME typing capabilities of KDE, and WINE’s
integration with the desktop.

“If he were running windows, I would’ve slapped him upside the
head, everyone with any sense at all would’ve expected an odd email
with an attachment to be a ready and willing virus or worm. Of
course, this was no different, this attachment contained the worm
known as WORM_KLEZ.H. However, because of the sense of security
from worms of this nature bestowed to Linux users, by the same type
of ignorance in assumption that spreads them amongst Windows users,
he never expected the attachment to be a virus or worm that would
infect and operate as it normally does. Unfortunately, this is
exactly what happened… click, boom, Klez goes nuts, etc., etc.,

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