LinuxNewbie.org: Easy Internet Sharing NHF: VERSION 1.0

[ Thanks to Sensei
for this link. ]

“This is a tutorial on sharing your Internet connection by
configuring a Linux machine as your gateway/firewall. I’ve made
this tutorial as easy as possible so that the average newbie can
have a running and secure mini-home network.
I’m sure you’ve
probably been told that setting up firewall rules and IP
masquerading can be difficult. Not so, as you will find out. In
fact, we won’t even be learning a single firewall rule.”

“Important Note: At this time of writing, the firewall scripts
that I will recommend utilize the ipchains packet filter which is
included in every Linux kernel 2.2 system. Therefore this tutorial
will not work with kernels under 2.2 as they do not use ipchains.
Although the newer Linux kernel 2.4 uses iptables, it is supposed
to be backward compatible with ipchains. However, I have not tested
this tutorial on Linux kernel 2.4, so I cannot guarantee that it
will work.”

“You’ll need a few things to get this working. … At least 2
computers. … Ethernet adapters. … A hub or a switch. … RJ45
cables. … An Internet connection.”


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