LinuxPR: Guardian Digital, Inc. Releases SecurityNews.org

“Responding to the rising demand for network security
information, and recent influx of security related news, Guardian
Digital, Inc. is releasing SecurityNews.org, today. This is the
second major website release for Guardian Digital. In February,
LinuxSecurity.com, “The Linux Community’s Source for Security,” was
released. Guardian Digital hopes that SecurityNews.org gains
popularity in the technical community as quickly as

“”SecurityNews.org was specifically designed to display as much
news as possible in a clean, easy to read format. It is intended to
be read by security professionals, system administrators, and
technology enthusiasts who have little time to spend sifting
through countless news stories looking for security related
information,” said Benjamin Thomas (Project Leader).
SecurityNews.org indexes news chronologically making it easier to
browse new headlines.”

“SecurityNews.org contains in-depth information on a wide range of
security topics. These topics include: Security Organizations,
Education, Certification Programs, Jobs, Books, Mailing Lists, and
News Groups. The link database contains encryption, Unix/Linux, NT,
underground, and security vendor links. Visitors will find
SecurityNews.org a valuable source for getting quick, up-to-date