LinuxPR: Rackspace Managed Hosting Launches Top-Level Security Offering to Web Host Customers

Firewall Solutions Provide State-of-the-Art Defense Against
Hackers; 24 X 7 Support Enables Full-Time Security

“Rackspace Managed Hosting, a leading provider of managed
Internet hosting services, today announced the launch of its new
security offerings and managed security services, which provide
Rackspace customers with a wide range of high-level security
solutions. Round-the-clock support staff will be available both at
Rackspace and through a partnership with ManagedFirewall.com to
resolve security issues on demand.”

“Rackspace Managed Hosting developed its new security program to
provide its more than 1,500 customers with turnkey security
solutions to restrict unauthorized access to their servers.
Rackspace will offer solutions to meet the needs of all customers –
from small, low-risk e-businesses to high-risk financial
institutions. These dedicated security solutions can be applied to
single servers or server clusters that run on Linux, NT, Win2000,
Solaris and other UNIX platforms. Services are designed to thwart
hackers and mitigate distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks
of the kind that brought several high-profile sites to a standstill
earlier this year.”