LinuxWorld: Scaling sendmail

Using sendmail in large-scale production environments is a
dream for IT professionals. Sendmail is free, open source,
extremely flexible, and includes commercial support from
Sendmail.com if you want it. On the downside, many myths have
propagated regarding sendmail’s lack of scalability.
O’Reilly’s Open Source Convention in Monterey, CA, last month, Nick
Christensen attempted to dispel some of those myths.”

“Nick first pointed out, simply, that sendmail’s lack of
scalability is in fact a myth. Many organizations with large-scale
demands can and do use sendmail, including @Home, AOL, Prodigy,
Earthlink, and others. He further pointed out that by far the
majority (three out of four) .net domains using mail use sendmail,
and that 84 percent of Fortune 100 companies use sendmail in
day-to-day operations.”

“Sendmail obviously can do the job, so what’s the trick to
scaling it for your network?”

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