MyDoom Tracked to Russia, Can SCO Defend?

The Moscow Times: Rampant E-Mail Virus Traced to Russia

“Using location-sensing software, Kaspersky Labs has traced the
first e-mails infected with MyDoom back to addresses with Russian
Internet providers.

“‘It’s scary, but most serious viruses are written in Russia,’
said Denis Zenkov, spokesman for Kaspersky, the country’s largest
anti-virus software company.

“Ever since it first appeared Monday night, the virus has
managed to latch onto every 12th e-mail sent, slowing down Internet
traffic around the world…”


Netcraft: SCO Legal Case Poses a Conundrum on How It Should
Defend a DDoS

“While Microsoft has a track record of deflecting DDoS attacks,
the SCO Group’s ability to defend its web site is complicated by
the company’s legal battle with Linux users. Both companies will be
targeted Sunday by denial of service attacks from Windows computers
infected by the MyDoom worm.

“Content distribution networks (CDN) can play a key role in
defeating DDoS attacks, using their large and widely distributed
networks of servers to blunt their impact. Microsoft used a CDN
service from Akamai to keep its web site online last August, when
the Blaster worm programmed machines to launch a DDoS on the
Windows Update site. Microsoft’s strategy drew considerable
attention, as the front page of the www.microsoft.com site was
served by Linux machines on Akamai’s network…”

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