PC Week: Hack this: PC Week Labs site begs attacks

It’s not too often that an organization asks to be
In a major public test of the security of Linux and
Windows NT, PC Week Labs has created an open Internet
site-www.hackpcweek.com-and is challenging the world to try to
break into the operating systems.”

“The goal of this project is to reveal security holes in NT and
Linux, thereby giving corporate IT organizations the ammunition to
gird themselves against attacks. The odds of avoiding such attacks
are against corporations that have opened up much of their IT
networks to the general public. This, coupled with new open
component-driven application development models, is wreaking havoc
with corporate networks.”

“The challenge PC Week Labs poses to the public is to break into
the site, mark up the home page and/or steal user information. We
will track the number of attempts on each operating system, the
success rate and the methods used in successful attempts. We will
also create a public discussion database for comment and
collaboration on hacking the site and on security issues in