PC World: Windows DNA Wins Initial Praise

“The principles behind Microsoft’s new model for
Internet application development, Windows DNA 2000, won some
initial praise
from users and analysts yesterday. In
practice, though, analysts hastened to add, the model remains

” ‘This XML-based, loosely coupled federation of applications is
exactly where it should go,’ says analyst Larry Perlstein of
Dataquest. ‘Microsoft has put this together and has enough of all
the pieces to show you what it might look like in the real world.’
But Perlstein adds that XML still has to be properly written and
formatted to achieve such universality. ‘Just writing in XML
doesn’t guarantee that it’s understandable,’ he says.

And Meta Group analyst Melinda Ballou adds that XML doesn’t
provide essential services offered by full component models, such
as transactions, security and persistence. ‘They didn’t discuss how
to integrate with those other services,’ she says.”