PRNewswire: PC Week Labs Challenges Hackers To Crack Web Site

In a major test of the security of Linux and Windows NT, PC
Week Labs today threw down the gauntlet to Internet hackers,
challenging them to break into a Web site,
http://www.hackpcweek.com, to try to crack each or both of the
operating systems. The site goes live today for a one-month

“The site contains near-identical systems, one running Windows
NT with Internet Information Server (IIS) and the other running Red
Hat Linux 6.0 with Apache as its web server. PC Week Labs created
similar classified-ads engine applications running on each system.
The challenge is to break into the site, mark up the home page and
steal user information from the classified-ads engine.”

“Security is extremely important in the Internet environment and
both Microsoft and the Linux community, via Red Hat, boast that
their operating systems are secure,” noted PC Week Labs Director
John Taschek.”

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