PRNewswire: RSA Security Simplifies PKI Application Development

“RSA Security Inc. (Nasdaq: RSAS), the most trusted name in
e-security, today unveiled an easier, more rapid and safer way to
create PKI-enabled applications that work with public key
infrastructures from a wide range of vendors. Based on open
standards and thoroughly tested for multi-vendor interoperability,
RSA BSAFE(R) Cert-C software is designed to simplify and accelerate
open PKI application development…”

“With the open, standards-based design of RSA BSAFE Cert-C
software, independent software vendors, enterprises and e-business
service providers are no longer locked into one vendor’s PKI
implementation. The RSA BSAFE Cert-C software is designed to
allow developers to quickly create one application that can be
deployed across multiple platforms and that automatically
integrates with PKI products from numerous vendors.”

“Releases for the Solaris, HP-UX and Linux operating systems
will be available in March 2000…”

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