Red Hat Security Advisory: New boot and anaconda update images available

Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 18:30:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: Erik Troan [email protected]
To: [email protected]

Red Hat, Inc. Errata Advisory

Synopsis: Installer updates for Red Hat 6.1
Advisory ID: RHEA-1999:044
Issue date: 1999-10-21
Updated on: 1999-10-21
Keywords: anaconda installer hpfs ntfs gdm lilo kickstart
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1. Topic:

New anaconda boot disks and update disks are available which fix
an wonderfull variety of problems.

2. Bug IDs fixed (http://developer.redhat.com/bugzilla
for more info):

3. Relevant releases/architectures:

Red Hat Linux 6.1 Intel

4. Obsoleted by:

5. Conflicts with:

6. RPMs required:

7. Problem description:

An anaconda boot disk and updates disk are now available which
fixes the following problems:

1) Type 0x0f partitions not being recognized as extended
2) HPFS and NTFS partitions not being identified properly
3) Upgrades not mounting filesystem w/ options set in
4) No lilo.rpmsave file is created during upgrades
5) Non-ext2 mount points were not created in /mnt
6) Static IP address not working during kickstart installs
7) Linear option and kernel options not being placed in
8) LILO configuration being skipped during upgrades
9) No opportunity to create boot disks during upgrades

8. Solution:

To use the anaconda update disk, you must have the new boot
disk. The boot diskettes shipped with Red Hat Linux 6.1 Intel do
not support anaconda updates. Booting from CDROM will not allow the
updates disk to be used.

Follow the instructions in the Red Hat Linux Reference Guide to
make floppy disks from the following files located at http://updates.redhat.com:/6.1/images/i386:


(note that you only need one of the boot images; users
installing from CD will only need boot-RHEA-1999:044.img)

When booting into the anaconda installation program, type “text
updates” at the boot prompt, followed by any other installation
options which are required (such as “expert” or “text”). The
installation process will prompt you to insert the updates disk
when it is required, and the install will then proceed as

9. Verification:

The md5sums of the images are as follows:

8f68c18267b6739508e5ac34508df1c6  boot-RHEA-1999:044.img
8f68c18267b6739508e5ac34508df1c6  bootnet-RHEA-1999:044.img
8f68c18267b6739508e5ac34508df1c6  pcmcia-RHEA-1999:044.img
2e3d922f19afaab9032e0334d0fe50e6  updates-RHEA-1999:044.img

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