Rediff: My Secret Weapons: Hackers and Surfers

“I have probably learnt more by watching my sons Vineet, 16,
and Tarun, 12 in action with computer technology than from any
other source of information.”

“…Vineet joined a new hi-tech school last year, Cary
Academy, and came home with stories about how bad Windows NT
security was.
He learned about the NT security problems from
his classmates, and did extensive research on the Internet. Earlier
this year, he told me that he wanted to try out some of the
utilities that were available…

“We had installed a complete NT infrastructure at work recently,
and I really wanted to understand how bad the problem was, so I
gave him permission to try out all these tricks on our office
network. Much to my surprise, he came back the first evening with a
complete list of passwords for everyone in the company.

“The next day, while I was at work, I lost control of the mouse,
and was watching it move around the screen, wondering what had gone
wrong. Suddenly I received a message: “Hey Dad. It’s me. Isn’t this

“Soon after this, I authorized our network administrator to
purchase a high security firewall, Linux server, and tighten up all
processes and procedures.