RootPrompt.org: The Tools and Methodologies of the Script Kiddie — Know Your Enemy

[ Thanks to Noel
for this link. ]

“My commander used to tell me that to secure yourself against
the enemy, you have to first know who your enemy is. This military
doctrine readily applies to the world of network security. Just
like the military, you have resources that you are trying to
protect. To help protect these resources, you need to know who your
threat is and how they are going to attack. This article, the first
of a three part series, does just that, it discusses the tools and
methodology used by one of the most common and universal threats,
the Script Kiddie. The second paper focuses on how you can detect
these attempts, identify what tools they are using and what
vulnerabilities they are looking for. The third paper focuses on
what happens once they gain root. Specifically, how they cover
their tracks and what they do next.”

“The script kiddie is someone looking for the easy kill…
Regardless of the their skill level, they all share a common
strategy, randomly search for a specific weakness, then exploit
that weakness.”

“It is this random selection of targets that make the script
kiddie such a dangerous threat. Sooner or later your systems
and networks will be probed…”

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