RootPrompt.org: They Can’t Crack What They Can’t Find

[ Thanks to Noel
for this link. ]

The Internet today is a jungle full of predators. Some of
these predators are trying to crack your machine others are just
looking for a machine to crack. By using the firewalling tools
built into the Linux kernel it is possible to make a desktop
machine virtually disappear from the crackers view.

“In this article I will describe how to hide a machine running
Linux that uses PPP over a modem to connect to the Internet. I will
use ipchains and the firewalling built into the Linux kernel to
protect the services that are running on this machine from
connections across the PPP interface.”

“For this example, I will use a Debian system with a 2.2.15
Linux kernel on a Debian system. You should note that the
firewalling code in the 2.4 Kernel has undergone a rewrite, but
that the examples in this article will still work by loading the
ipchains compatibility module.”


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