Security Portal: International Encryption Policies

“Over the past year, SecurityPortal.com has had the pleasure of
researching international encryption policy for several
multi-national corporations… With this article, we want to begin
sharing our perspective on some of the findings we have

“Conclusions include:
Encryption Policies are relaxing
Most crypto friendly region in the world? Latin America
The former Soviet bloc is a mixed bag
The Wassenaar Arrangement is an anomaly

“If crypto regulations are not changed soon,.. technology
will… make policy obsolete. We are starting to see install stubs
and scripts in the Linux world. Rather than putting some
export-controlled strong encryption code on a Linux distribution,
it can be replaced by an install script. When Linux is installed,
the script can perform an Internet download from a “legal” site and
install the strong encryption code. A network-based install such as
this also provides the convenience of insuring the latest version
of the software.”