Security Portal: Trinux: The Linux Security Appliance

Thanks to Jim
for this link.

“They say that good things come in small packages with Linux,
but even so, it is hard to believe how much functionality you can
get out of Trinux. Whether your network is primarily NT, Linux, or
some other flavor of Unix is immaterial – if it is based on TCP/IP,
Trinux can be a valuable tool. Trinux is the Linux Security
Appliance, and is a valuable tool for any network engineer and
security specialist.

“What is Trinux? Trinux is a small, portable, re-compiled
version of Linux, stripped of non-essential modules and enhanced
with GPL security tools.
By doing an excellent job of
identifying module dependencies, the authors of Trinux are able to
create a special Linux distribution that can fit on two high
density floppies.”