Security Portal: Web server round-up, Part 1

There are a variety of secure webservers, but which one is
right for you? In this article I will start the process of helping
you to choose the right server for your environment.
In this
series of closet articles I will cover legality, availability,
features, and so on of the major secure server packages, using
Linux primarily for my testing. The choice of operating system is
important, but the choice of www server is usually more important,
since that will define your feature set, and long term potential.
In conjunction with these articles will be a series of individual
product reviews of the more popular servers. This review will only
cover 128 bit platforms as I feel 128 bit encryption is relatively
weak, and 40 and 56 bit encryption is worthless, please keep this
in mind as it will affect availability quite a bit.”

“Export/Import, Platform availability and Licensing issues.”

“This is the first hurdle, if the webserver available in your
country, and for your platform of choice? Servers made in the USA
for example are generally not much use outside the USA since the
export of strong crypto is heavily restricted (to Canada only).
Free servers that have not paid for RSA data licenses are generally
not used in the USA since RSA is patented there, and you must pay
for the use of RSA data components.”


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