SecurityFocus.com: The Coming Linux Plague

[ Thanks to Julian Coombes for this
link. ]

“A pox on the penguin? Ready or not, Linux viruses are
coming, and no one is inoculated.”

“On the first day of this month, I got an e-mail from my network
administrator imploring me to install the new virus DAT files that
she had downloaded from the McAfee website. Viruses are the scourge
of the PC world. My Linux box, on the other hand, is virus free.
Many Linux boosters believe that the lack of worms and viruses is
inherent in the design of the UNIX operating system. I disagree.
The correct question to ask when pondering the lack of viruses on
the Linux platform is not ‘why aren’t there any?’ but instead
‘what’s taking them so long?’ “

“Linux (and the other versions of Unix) desperately needs
credible anti-virus software to stave off the coming epidemic
before it happens. Think of it as a flu-shot.”