SecurityFocus: Support, Skepticism greet Cybercrime Treaty

“The Draft Convention on Cybercrime proposed by the 41-nation
Council of Europe last week would create minimum standards for
computer crime laws in signatory countries, ensuring that member
nations have prohibitions against a variety of computer crimes,
including computer intrusion and vandalism, online distribution of
child pornography and electronic copyright violations. It would
also facilitate court-ordered access to computer stored data, and
establish a network of contacts in each country that would be
accessible 24 hours a day to coordinate criminal investigations

“Some civil libertarians have argued that a provision allowing
law enforcement to order an ISP to preserve electronic evidence in
a case would force anonymous remailer services to identify their

“Another controversial provision would criminalize the
creation, distribution, or acquisition of any software designed for
committing computer crimes, with the intent to commit such a


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