sendmail.net: Email, Privacy, and the Law

“It’s a nightmare scenario: You make someone mad, they sue, and
suddenly your once private email is delivered directly into their
hands – everything you’ve ever said about them, right down to your
spelling errors, available for them to poke, sift, and sniff to
their heart’s content.”

“Think it can’t happen? Then you put way too much stock in the
word ‘privacy.’ In today’s litigious world, there’s no such

“The notion of ‘private’ email makes most lawyers laugh.
There’s nothing private about it, no matter how many layers of
cryptography you’ve wrapped around it or how well you’ve squirreled
it away.
Though most people use email casually – often as a
replacement for the phone or to avoid shouting over a cube wall –
it meets every definition of ‘written communication.’ That has
enormous implications to anyone who sends it, receives it, even
stores it.”