SJ Mercury: [Microsoft] Juvenile Antics Turn Dangerous?

“Microsoft is denying (AP) a Wall Street Journal report that
programmers put malicious code in software that opened a big
security hole. Old code is the cause, the company says.”

“Microsoft has never taken security seriously enough. Its
products are sieve-like monstrosities from a privacy point of
, because much of the underlying architecture of DOS and
Windows (at least until some versions of NT) was designed not for
the Internet but for stand-alone computers. A stream of security
alerts — all too frequently not initiated by Microsoft itself —
and patches only highlights the problem.”

“By the way, if you read the WSJ and AP stories you’ll see
conflicting statements from Microsoft. So it’s still not clear what
the story is here. Either way, it’s totally clear that the adults
at Microsoft need to exert more adult supervision.”