Slackware releases updated wu.ftpd

Patrick J.
posted to the slackware-security list:

It’s been a busy weekend…

A buffer overflow has been found in wu-ftpd 2.5 and prior
releases, and has been patched in slackware-4.0 and
slackware-current on ftp.cdrom.com in /pub/linux/. Here are the

Slackware-4.0 ChangeLog.txt:
Sun Aug 29 19:37:43 CDT 1999
slakware/n8/tcpip1.tgz: Upgraded to wu-ftpd-2.5.0, patched mapped
path and other buffer overflows. The problem fixed by this package
can result in unauthorized root access to the machine — it is
highly recommended that anyone running an FTP server open to the
Internet install this package (or the one below) as soon as is
*** Alternate, minimal fix:
patches/wuftpd.tgz: This package contains version 2.5.0 of the
wu-ftpd FTP daemon, with buffer overflows fixed. This package is
suitable for use with Slackware 3.5, 3.6, 3.9, or 4.0.
Slackware 4.0 new package MD5 sums:
329e9eab5df6357b98d746207a938997 slakware/n8/tcpip1.tgz
61a8a59e47e4308db11524c9cafd6188 patches/wuftpd.tgz
Slackware-current ChangeLog.txt:
Mon Aug 30 02:07:19 CDT 1999
n1/tcpip1.tgz: Patched wu-ftpd-2.5.0 against buffer overflows.
Slackware-current new package MD5 sums:
8cc8224850e45a14711b4457badcc823 n1/tcpip1.tgz

Take care,