The Register: Windows v Linux Security: The Real Facts

“Considering the publicity that has surrounded–and, despite
super new security-focused Service Packs, continues to
surround–Windows security issues, Microsoft’s determination to
demonstrate that Linux is less secure than Windows shows a certain
chutzpah. The company has however had some support here; Forrester,
for example, provides some numbers that can be used to support the
contention that Microsoft flaws are less severe, less numerous and
fixed faster. And although there’s a general readiness among users
to believe that Windows is a security disaster area, there’s also a
reasonable amount of support for the view that Linux would get just
as many security issues if it had anything like Windows’ user

“But what’s the truth? For every claim there is, somewhere, a
counterclaim. But until now there has been no systematic and
detailed effort to address Microsoft’s major security bullet points
in report form…”

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