TheAustralian: Hacker victims flame Microsoft over Hotmail leak

“If Linus Torvalds (founder of the Linux operating system)
had anything to do with Hotmail, this would have never

“BILL Gates’s Microsoft might have to send out more than an
e-mail to soothe angry Hotmailers after a security hole exposed
private e-mail to the world.”

“Microsoft is investigating the number of Hotmail accounts
affected by the security breach – in other words, who was

“A spokesman for ninemsn said the company’s Helpdesk had
received only one call of concern.”

“Internet message boards tell another story.”

“On ZD Net, users complained about Microsoft’s lack of response.
Said one: “What’s insane is that his story was reported for several
hours on slashdot, the Register, the NY Times and CNN, before
Microsoft bothered to stop access. Does Microsoft not even care or
does no one in the entire company bother to keep up with tech news?
I guess Microsoft’s ‘Passport’ (a new electronic wallet) is a great
place to store my personal information. Let’s see, where do I enter
my credit card numbers to keep them secret?””