Update: LinuxWorld Australia: SCO Site Hack: This Time It’s Microsoft Accused of Code Theft

[ Thanks to Saverio for this link. ]

“With the US stuffing themselves with turkeys over the
Thanksgiving holiday break, hackers seized the opportunity to do
some site defacement on The SCO Group’s Web site, applying a little
bit of cheek by claiming the company found parts of its code inside
Microsoft’s Windows software. However, since the issue was brought
to SCO Australia’s attention by LinuxWorld on Monday, the site has
been restored to normal.

“Hackers modified the targeted URL www.sco.com/redhat to read
‘SCO vs World…'”

Complete Story

internetnews.com: SCO Site Cracked

“The homepage for the SCO Group’s Web page is back to normal
Monday after attackers defaced images on the site.

“In one case, an attacker was able to replace SCO’s existing Web
site seminar image, which says ‘SCO Partner Webinars’ and ‘Click
here to learn more,’ with one that says ‘We own all your code’ and
‘Pay us all your money…'”


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