VNU Net: Intel to open source security software

By Lisa Kelly, VNU Net

Intel plans to open source its security software to push the
adoption of secure ebusiness computing, particularly with the Linux
operating system.

The chip giant will announce plans to open source its Common
Data Security Architecture (CDSA) on the web at no cost at a
security conference in Munich tomorrow.

Making the software open source means that it can be modified
and used by developers with any operating system to add security
features to ebusiness applications. This will “allow companies
around the world to develop software and hardware security products
faster and cheaper”, said Intel in a statement ahead of the

“This open source approach will also allow CDSA software to be
used as the security infrastructure for the Linux operating
system,” said the company.

CDSA provides security services such as encryption and
decryption, secure data storage and user authentication. It was
adopted by standards body the Open Group in 1997, and is used by
IBM, Compaq, Hewlett Packard and Motorola.

The announcement reveals the extent to which major IT players
are following the open source model championed by Linux, and
helping its adoption.

Andy Butler, a research director at analyst Gartner, said Linux
“lacks a lot of richness in security that Risc Unix platforms
have”, but that the move can “only help the further adoption of

A Windows version of the CDSA open source software will be
available from Intel in May. The 64 and 32-bit Linux versions will
be available in August.